Anita E. Ahumada

Originally from Chile, Anita Ahumada acquired her formal education at the Universidad de Chile. She worked as a Social Worker in her native country until she moved to the U.S. in 1970. She worked for the Department of Corrections for many years, and served as a Court Interpreter. Anita was the first state employee to obtain Interpreter Certification granted by the Washington State Supreme Court, and has been practicing the profession throughout the years.

Anita co-founded the Hispanic Coalition of Snohomish County where she served as Executive Secretary and Co-Director. While in the Coalition, she collaboratively coordinated sports clinics for Hispanic children; she also worked in securing subsidized housing for minority seniors, Hispanic women’s health education, ESL classes, literacy programs, and voting education. She co-founded the Language Interpreters Services and Translations (LIST) Office, a nationally recognized program which pioneered equal access to government programs for LEPs. Anita has participated in and provided language services for numerous Minority and Justice Community Forums under the leadership and guidance of Supreme Court Justice Charles Smith. She is a  board member of the Washington State Coalition for Language Access (WASCLA).

Anita is a firm advocate for immigrants’ rights. She does not shy away from responsibilities and challenges. She accepts the endeavor of being a Commissioner with the Commission on Hispanic Affairs with humility, and hopes that her efforts will be an asset to the Commission and to the people we aim to support.

Anita E. Ahumada 

1st Term expires 08/01/2017

Residence: Olympia

Work: Department of Social and Health Services, Contracts Office

P: (360) 451-2490